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Making Decisions Alliance response to the Queen's Speech

Issue date: 23 November 2004

Millions of people with dementia, autism, a learning disability and mental health problems will be better off under the new Mental Capacity Bill which the Government confirmed will become law.

The Mental Capacity Bill, which is welcomed by the Making Decisions Alliance (MDA), a coalition of 39 charities, has the potential to transform people's lives for the better. But the MDA wants the Government to give more emphasis in the Bill to the role played by advocates.

This Bill will give people who have difficulty making or communicating decisions - such as those with a learning disability, dementia or mental ill health - more rights over where they live, how they spend their money and other issues which we all take for granted.

Richard Kramer, co-chair of the MDA, said:

"The MDA believes that this Bill is vital for the millions of people who are currently judged incapable of making decisions. It will also give those caring for people more confidence in their rights to be consulted on the treatment and care that they receive."

"We are vigorously campaigning to ensure that the Bill gives a higher prominence to advocacy, as it is vital to making certain that people have a real say in the decisions that affect their lives and in protecting the rights of those who need support to make decisions."


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