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March 2005

The Mental Capacity Bill needs your support - please write as soon as possible to your MP

  • Here is a draft letter to your MP if you think you may lack mental capacity in the future

  • Here is a draft letter to your MP if you currently may lack capacity

  • Here is a draft letter to your MP if you are a carer for someone who lacks capacity

    Please feel free to adapt these letters if you just wish to say in general that you consider this to be a very important Bill.

If you don't know who your MP is you can find out via this link on Parliament's website:

You can write (or send an email) to them at their constituency address or just send it to them at:

House of Commons

Alternatively you can fax your MP - for your MP's fax number go to

Please do write and write soon - we are very close to getting this important piece of legislation passed by Parliament - we do not want it to be lost simply because of a lack of support at this stage.

January 2005

  • The Mental Capacity Bill had its 2nd Reading in the House of Lords on Monday 10th January 2005 and was passed. You can see who said what in the debate at:
  • The Bill now goes to Committee stage in the Lords and the MDA is preparing to lobby peers to get their support for our proposed amendments, in line with our 2nd Reading Briefing for the House of Lords (on the MDA website). You can see the latest version of the Bill at
  • The Affairs Minister, David Lammy made a written Ministerial statement concerning the Bill's Draft Code of Practice on the 10th January 2005

December 2004

The latest version of the Mental Capacity Bill can be found at:

November 2004

Letter for MPs to send to constituents refuting allegations that the Bill is pro-euthanasia

The information on this page was provided by members of the Making Decisions Alliance. It was last updated on11 January 2005.

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