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Although the Government published the new Mental Capacity Bill in June 2004, our campaign is not over. We now need the Government to commit to introduce the Bill into Parliament so that it becomes law. This is not easy; there are many other Bills that the Government wants to take forward, and there will not be time for them all to go through Parliament. So we need your help.

Click on the link below to download a template letter that we would like you to send to your MP - you can find out who your MP is at

By explaining why the lack of a clear law on decision making causes problems for you and / or your family, you can make MPs see why the Bill is so important. Simply save the file onto your computer and fill in the relevant details. Please make this letter personal to you and include any information on your own situation.

Feel free to change anything in the letter, but please ask your MP to write to Lord Falconer and send you any response. If you have any questions about this letter, please contact Senay Camgoz at or on 020 7903

The information on this page was provided by members of the Making Decisions Alliance. It was last updated on11 August 2004.

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